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Sharing Our Feelings (Aurora Oct. 4-9)

It was another great week for Aurora students! In the first week of October, we started new lessons and fun activities!


First of all, we began with the new Transdiciplinary Theme which is Unit 3: How We Express Ourselves and the Central Idea is We can show our feelings in different ways. For this unit we are going to focus on three Lines of Inquiry which are: Using Words, Using Body Language/Actions, and Creating Arts.

Unit3は「私たちは自分をどう表現するのか」で、セントラルアイディアが「色々な方法で自分たちの感情を表現する」です。そしてこのセントラルアイディアを探究していくのに必要な三つの要素(Lines Of Inquiries)は「言葉を使う方法」「身体を使う方法」「アートを創る方法」です。この三つの要素で自分の感情を表現出来ることをいろいろなアクティビティを通して学んでいきます。毎年Unit3はクリスマスショーのため、この「私たちは自分をどう表現するのか」というテーマを学んでいます。今年のオーロラさんは、クリスマスショーでどんなことをするのかな!? 保護者の皆様、お楽しみに😉

On Monday, they completed a worsheet which served as the prior knowledge assessment about what they feel on different situations/activities given. This is to know if the students have already understanding about the different emotions/feelings. It was impressive that most of the students were able to identify the appropriate feelings based on the situations/activities given.

Unit3のLOI1を始める前に、まずはPrior Knowledge Assessmentという子どもたちの現在の知識をチェックするテストをします。どのくらい、いろいろな感情について、知っているかをワークシートを使って確認します。先生のヒント(絵の説明)があったり、何も説明がなくてもできた子どももいました。さすがオーロラさん👏

The next day, we reviewed different emotions which is based on our new morning song such as happy, sad, frustrated, excited, blue, bored, cheeky, shy, embarrassed, delighted, glad, angry, and mad. They also tried to copy the facial expressions of these emotions. Given more situations/activities, we asked them how they felt about if they were the one involved on it. We also asked them what makes them happy, sad, and angry. Most of them said that they become happy when they were given a present and it’s their birthday, they become sad when friends don’t play with them, and they become angry when their mom gets angry to them.


At the gym, we also did something new! They did stretching exercises perfect for our new activity. They became gymnasts this time! They tried different gymnastic rolls such as single forward roll, egg roll, and pencil roll! That was so exciting and fun!


For the October Phrases, we’ve been practicing saying sentences: Can I have a ball, please? Can I have a red one, please? Can I have a yellow one, please? Can I have a blue one, please? Here you are! Thank you! and You’re welcome! This had become more fun by singing with the song and with the colored balls!


In phonics, we talked about the letter W, its sound, and its example words such as water, watermelon, wall, well, window, and wheel. We also finished tracing the uppercase letter W!


In math, we worked on the number 13. They traced the number, counted 13 donkeys, and colored them!


We had a rainy Friday and we weren’t able to go to the park! Instead, we had an indoor activity. We had 10 hoops spread on the floor with numbers 1 to 10 inside and students had to jump in there in the correct sequence. Then, they had to walk on the log and pass through the tunnel. Everybody enjoyed with this obstacle course!


Our boys and girls are very excited for our Bus Trip on Monday! Hope it won’t be rainy!


Thank you for reading our blog! Have a wonderful weekend!