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Grades 4, 5, 6 and 7: Innovators

Hello to all our readers! The second week of this Line of inquiry is behind Grade 4, 5, 6 and 7 students and they are going full steam ahead with their learning!

The students finished the first Line of Inquiry focusing on growing and producing food. The students discussed how different types of food are present in multiple dishes they know and researched the way those foods are produced, prepared, consumed and disposed of (we learned a new expression “chain of events”). After this, they saw videos and photos of different innovative technologies that help the production of food. They split into three groups and thought of their own innovation. One group opted for making train trips easier with special on-train delivery vending machines, one created a vending for cakes that can be used for buying last-minute gifts, and one focused on the importance of AI during the Coronavirus pandemic and created a drone food delivery service. 🍕

In History lesson, the students continued inquiring into the life during the Middle ages and we discussed why they were often called Dark ages and why was there no artistic or scientific development. In Science, while learning about simple machines, the students finished the catapults they designed out of craft. We prepared a short competition and launched a test toy from the catapults, to everyone’s excitement!

The students are relentlessly working on the Christmas show script as well. They’d like to keep all of their plans under wraps for now, but the play is progressing very well! 🌹

We have received a generous present of the boardgame of Monopoly from our dear teacher Ms. Shizuka! The students are enjoying the game very much. Also, thank you to all the Milky Way students’ parents for their visit on Thursday. We hope you enjoyed the short time you spent with us. 🎲

Have a lovely weekend!