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Grades 5, 6 and 7: Change for the better

Hello, everyone. Grade 5, 6 and 7 students have continued with their routine of joining their lessons online. The students learned how to use Google Classroom to access their lessons, including a more intuitive way of sharing their finished assignments with the teacher. 🖱️

The students are still busy exploring the meaning of social groups and have started the second Line of Inquiry of the Unit this week, posing the question: Can our membership in social groups affect the way we think and act? After an interesting discussion, the students agreed that being a part of a social group can change their lives for the better and for the worse. They shared examples of how being a member of a piano class has improved their thinking and fine motor skills and how being a member of a music group fan club made them happier, which influenced them to treat others more kindly as well. The students also watched videos on people who talked about their experience as members of criminal gangs – they showed how a membership in a social group can influence an individual in a negative way and how exiting that social group can be a positive thing. 🎹

In this week’s art lesson, the students saw examples of contemporary art, in English literature they discussed the character from their books, in Science talked about the importance of the Sun for our lives, in Social studies learned about the process of making laws, and in Geography, tried their hand at using Google Maps, a satellite imagery service. 🌍

Have a nice and relaxed Golden Week and see you all next week! 🌤️