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Grades 4, 5 and 6: Tourists in Space

Hello, everyone! This school year is slowly coming to an end and we have only two weeks together left! 🎎

Grade 4, 5 and 6 students have been working hard on exploring more about space and have discussed reasons why people might choose to visit space, this weeks focusing on a new and exciting type of business: space travel. The students worked in teams, taking roles of entrepreneurs imagining a space tourism company: from designing the ship in a way that would be safe both for the passengers and for the environment, thinking of good tours to take passengers, reasonable pricing systems and marketing campaign. All three teams (ON7, Atlas and Solar) came up with wonderful (and plausible!) ideas. 🤩

Before talking about the future of space research, the students wanted to learn more about its past as well, and they discussed some milestone events in the long history of space travel (the first men on the moon, Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong, International Space Station and its operation, the first man in space, Yuri Gagarin, the space race of the 20th century) and what kind of thinking led to them. 🧑🏻‍🚀

Because of the recent coronavirus epidemic, the students have not been able to go outside of school grounds for gym lessons or morning exercise. This made us all a bit sad, but the students are creatively thinking of new games and ways to exercise their bodies, as well as discussing ways of keeping safe from viruses, such as the proper place to sneeze, the best way in which to apply alcohol to ones hands, and new and improved lunchtime rules. The progress of the students’ individuality and thinking skills is clearly visible. The school would also like to thank all the parents for their understanding and efforts regarding the situation. 🩺

The class’ Japanese, Music and Cooking lessons are continuing normally and so are our afternoon lessons. During this week’s Math lessons, we further practiced equations. In English we talked about different ways of and important things to notice when designing a book cover, as well as made our own replicas of the Hispaniola, the ship used in our reading book “Treasure Island”. In Economics and Society lesson, we discussed fairness in courts and in Health, the topic of friendships. In Art, we continued talking about the art style of Keith Haring, a 1980s popart artist. Besides just making their artworks in this style, the student has an opportunity to present them to the ISN community in a way they decided, so please come and visit their little exhibition in front of our classroom. Enjoy your weekend. ☀️