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CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!! Rainbow Dec. 2-6

Hello December!
The spirit of Christmas is here in Rainbow class.

This month, we have new exciting topics! We talked about Christmas and I asked them one by one what Christmas presents they want to receive from Santa Claus.🎅🏻

We also learned this new song entitled, “What do you want for Christmas?”
それから”What do you want for Christmas?”という曲を習いました。

As we moved on to the last month of the year, we also added more letters in our phonics lesson! We discussed letters K, L, M, N, O and its sound.
今年も最後の月になりましたので、アルファベットも新しく、K L M,N,Oとフォニックスをやりました。

It’s getting colder that’s why our little ones made gloves craft. Look how cute it was!

Everyone had a great time at the gym! We did a lot of psychomotor activities such as: stretching out arms and legs, dancing, running back and forth, shaking our hips, and jumping like a bunny.

Have a great weekend everyone!