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Who makes culture?

This week we have really dived deep into out craft activities: finishing the clothes from different cultures around the world, and this time making houses from around the world.

We have been looking at the very specific details of the houses, and how they compare to houses from other countries. This has also led us to think “why?”. Why are houses in Mexico bright? Why are Japanese houses made of wood? Why are British houses made of stone? Why are Mongolian houses tents? It is through these probing questions, and our connections to the craft that we are making, that we will make very important discoveries about culture and its meaning.

Next week we will complete our final project for unit 2, and finish our activities for this unit of inquiry.

This week we have also been stepping up our intensity in practicing for the sport day next week. Students have been practicing body and rhythm control with Mr Atsushi, and thinking about how we can connect these things together into a performance.

Our vocabulary building activities and reading has been continuing very well, and students are much more familiar with how to do word analysis. Students have also been working on a very special project…. a class dictionary!! Each student creates a page based on the words we have discovered as a class. This way we will not only remember the words we’ve learned, but also how to use them too.

Singapore math is continuing nicely, and students are studying a variety of topics. This week the topics included: graphs, missing addends in sums, place values, weights, and more!

Next week we have our sports day, as well as our second cooking lesson! We’re really looking forward to it.

See you next Friday!