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New Unit, New Dance! 新しいユニット、新しいダンス!

This week we began unit 2! Our transdisciplinary theme is:

Where We Are In Place And Time

We had a discussion and we discovered that our central idea is going to be:

Homes Show Personal Identity And Culture

It was clear that all the students had a good idea about what “personal identity” means, with each student creating their own profile, and deciding what is most important to express who they are.

During open day we conducted an investigation into what “culture” means. There were some really interesting ideas mentioned, and I could see that many students had a good idea about what culture meant. Students clearly knew that things like art, characters, and expression are linked to culture. Students weren’t sure about how culture connects to countries or the world so….

We started studying about other countries! Specifically we began by investigating the national flags of many many countries. Students used books, dictionaries and atlases to find out the names of the countries that some of the beautiful flags we saw belonged to.

We then chose the flag we liked the best, and created a large version. After that we began to dig deeper, and created posters with lots of information about our chosen country.

In PE we have been devising our own dance for Sports Day! The students will decide exactly what dance moves they wish to present, and we have already seen some amazing moves!

We continue to work on our reading and grammar skills but doing class reading, along with word and sentence analysis.

Next week, once we are a little clear on what culture actually means, we will start looking at the different kinds of homes around the world, and the meanings of the word “home”.

It was lovely to see so many parents attend the open day. Really looking forward to seeing everyone again at Sports Day!

Have a lovely weekend!

今週はユニット2の学びを始めました。教科の域を超えたテーマは、「私達はどのような時代・場所に生きているか」です。クラスの皆で話し合い、「家は個人のアイデンティティと文化を現わす 」というセントラルアイディア(中心となる考え)を学んでいくことを発見しました。各自で自分のプロフィールを作成して、自分が誰であるかを表現するために最も重要なことを決め、個人のアイデンティティとは何かについて一人一人皆が良い考えを持ってることが分かりました。参観日では、文化とは何かについて調べました。興味深い意見も出てきて、文化とは何かについて良いアイディアを持っている子が大勢いることが分かりました。そして、アート、個性、表現は文化と繋がっていることをはっきりつかんでいました。しかし、文化が国や世界へどのように繋がっているかについては、まだしっかり分かっていないようです。。。