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A Step into Inquiry

This week has been very exciting because we are coming towards the end of our first unit of inquiry. We have been practicing writing and conducting interviews. This is because on Friday we will be going to the park around Matsumoto castle to ask members of our own community what kind of responsibilities they have, and writing the results up ourselves! This is real inquiry! And we will be using our research skills in a real situation!

Because of this we have been practicing those skills all week. First, on each other and then on members of our ISN community. After we got the results, we wrote up our findings in a way that we feel would be easy for the person viewing to understand.

We have gone back to the class rules we worked on a few weeks ago. Now that we know more about responsibilities, we spent some time trying to simplify and recategorise our class rules. After a great deal of discussion we narrowed down all of our rules to:

  1. Respect and care for everyone
  2. Act safely
  3. Respect our things and our school
  4. Show commitment to becoming a better person
  5. Show commitment to learning English

We all signed the rules, and we move forwards with these goals in mind as well develop our own sense of responsibility as members of ISN Elementary School.

This week we also stepped up our guided reading and grammar study in the morning. We did this through reading a book called “The Drum” together. Students discussed and identified the important themes of the books, as well as the meaning of “cause” and “effect”. After that we analysed the important words within the text. The “words to know” for this week were: roti, miserable, goods, deeds, musicians, disappointed.

Our guided reading and grammar study starts at 8:30 every morning.

Music study continues to get more interesting as we learn more about how to use our recorders. We have also begun to play our recorders as part of an ensemble too! After our first practice all together the students were heard saying “oh cool!” when they realised the great feeling of playing one song together.

Our PE lessons have entered the final two weeks of running. Because we have been working together to record our running pace and distance, students are now much more aware of their own physical goals and progress. At the end of next week we will be going to Sky Park to try our new skills on a real athletics course!

Next week we will combine all of our work from the unit together to construct our final project. This will include the results from the interviews we conduct on Friday. Students will have the chance to reflect on what they have studied, and present any of the concepts they have come to understand. It will be very interesting to see what points each student took from this unit, and what further connections everyone has made.

Have a lovely weekend!

最初のユニット(Unit of Inquiry)が終わりに近づき、とてもワクワク楽しい一週間になりました。ライティングとインタビューの練習をしました。なぜなら、金曜日に松本城で地域の方々にどんな責任を持っているかを尋ねるインタビューを行うからです。そして、そのインタビューの回答を書きます。これは本当にInquiry(質問)ですね!実際の場で、リサーチスキルを使います!金曜日のこのインタビュー活動のために、今週はインタビューすることを練習してきました。まず、ペアでお互いに質問し合い、それからISNのメンバー(先生)などにインタビューをしました。質問の回答を得た後、他の人が分かりやすく見やすいように調査結果を書きました。
全員でルールにサインをして、これらの目標を念頭に置きISN小学部の一員として責任感を持ってスクール生活を送っていきたいと思います。今週は、朝行っているガイディッドリーディングと文法の勉強により力を入れ始めました。The Drumという本を一緒に読みました。そして、原因と結果の意味についてやその本の重要なテーマを話し合って見つけ出しました。その後、本文内の重要な言葉を分析しました。今週覚えるべき単語は、roti, miserable, goods, deeds, musicians, disappointedです。
ガイディッドリーディングと文法の勉強は、毎朝8時半から始まります。音楽の授業はリコーダーの吹き方を学ぶにつれて、より面白くなってきました。また、アンサンブルの一部としてリコーダーを演奏し始めました。一曲をみんなで一緒に演奏することの素晴らしい感覚を味わい、全員で一緒に練習した後、「oh cool!」と言って満足げでした。