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Exhibiting, Reflecting, Decorating 展示、振り返り、装飾

This week has been our final week as grades one and two! After spring programme finishes, this class will now be known as grade two and three.

The week began on Monday  with our “mini-exhibition”. Students presented their ideas to parents, students, and teachers from other classes in an exhibition format for one hour.

The theme was based on our unit six central idea: “Human activities can affect animals in a negative and positive way.” Students were told that they had to choose some aspect of our unit of inquiry that they find interesting, and present it in an “exhibition”.

Each group chose to present their ideas in quite different ways, and each group had a unique perspective. It was wonderful to see how much enthusiasm was on display, and just how excited the students were to share their ideas.

During the exhibition, I interviewed every group and asked them some questions, while recording videos. I am talking with the admin team about what will be the best way to share these videos with parents and family members. The admin team will be in contact soon!

After the exhibition, we spent time completing our unit reflections. It was very clear that each student’s reflection skills have come a really long way, and there were some enlightening perspectives.

On Wednesday, all elementary grades spent the day together. In the morning all students watched Wall-E. This is a Disney movie in which a future Earth has become so polluted that humans had to move into space, where their lives have become so convenient, that nobody even walks anywhere! The themes in the movie were very closely linked to many of the themes we have studied over the last year.

After watching the movie, students spent time writing their own impressions of the movie as well. It was so impressive to see how students are now able to view even Disney movies with critical and analytical minds.

Since this is the final week in the academic year, we have also been spending time filing away our work and arranging our portfolios. Students will begin taking home their portfolios on Friday.

Finally, we have been putting time and thought into how we will welcome the 14 new members of ISN Elementary. Students have been making cards, craft, decorations, and practicing singing and dancing. It has also given us a chance to think about all the things we love about ISN, and what we want to share with the new students.

Have a wonderful weekend, and see you in Spring Programme!

-Mr Jimmy