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Only the fearless can be great

Hello everyone! An eventful week is behind the Upper Elementary class students. 😊
They are continuing their inquiry into the Unit revolving around health. This week, their task was to write a lifestyle log of their everyday activities that might affect their health in a good or bad way. Every morning, they wrote about the previous day – what were they eating, how many hours were they sleeping for, what time did they come home from their sports activities, etc. Next week, the students will reflect on their logs and try to make changes to their weekly schedule which will improve their health.
Since the RAZ book the students have been reading this week is on the topic of color blindness, the student have the discussed whether people suffering from that disorder can lead a normal, healthy life. They have also continued researching into the career of Ben Carson and thinking about influential people who have persevered despite obstacles in their life led them to some fictional characters as well. The whole class watched the animated movie “Ratatouille” and discussed the characters’ motivation and what the viewer can learn from the movie. As Chef Gusteau would say: “Anyone can cook, but only the fearless can be great.” Then, they tried to express their ideas by making promotional posters for the movie. 🎥
On three days this week, separate groups of three or four students went to help the Matsumoto Tourist Office employees. The student met with foreign tourists and explained the well-known sights of Matsumoto and the surrounding area. They also got a chance to try their hand at origami making, which everyone seemed to enjoy. We would like to thank everyone at the tourist office for having us that day! 🧡
One of the UEC students, Kenta, has sadly had to leave the school. He will be moving to Tokyo and attending school there. Everyone said goodbye to Kenta and made him a wonderful card. He returned the favor by gifting everyone his favourite pencils. We hope to see him again soon.
This Friday the school got to enjoy the first major snowfall of the year! We hope the snow doesn’t melt over the weekend! Have fun playing, everyone! ⛄