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What’s it like to meet a bear?

Hello everyone! We didn’t get a lot of snow down in the city this week,  but everyone enjoys looking at the snow-capped mountains from the windows and the front yard. ❄️

This week, the students had a special surprise visitor: Mr. Daishi Sato, a Tokyo-born professional photographer living in Azumino came to the classroom. He spends four months a year taking photographs of nature in Alaska, and the other eight teaching photography and working as a tour guide. He talked all about his travels, the equipment he takes (his backpack fits 50kg!), the animals he meets (including some big ones, like bears!) and the dangers he faces. One time, hundreds of bugs entered his tent at once. Another time, he came to a meter away from a sleeping bear. His advice for encountering a bear is: stand still, make yourself appear big, not small, and always care protective anti-bear spray! The students enjoyed his lecture a lot and some of them even expressed their wish to become photographers. 🐻

Taro had a surprise for everyone this week: he brought a self-build life-size paper skeleton model. The process of making it is challenging, but, once it is finished, it will measure 180cm, hang from the wall and feature all the bones of the real human skeleton (and their names!). ☠️

The students’ reading skills are steadily improving too. Additionally to the RAZ books they are reading and commenting on as part of their classwork and the library books they are choosing to pick for their reading folder to read for pleasure, they will also start to prepare oral presentations of books they have read related to the Unit. Since this unit is related to health, Ms. Brigitte went first and presented her findings on the book “How to be healthy”. 😷

The writing is not being forgotten either, with the class newspaper deadline coming up. This coming issue of “ISpotNews” will be a double one, featuring articles and other items from two Units of Inquiry. The students have already written articles on many inspiring figures from the past (Francis Ouimet, Ben Carson, Jesse Martin) and this week they have watched a series of videos on great Olympians – athletes who have used the strength of their mind, heart and body to overcome obstacles in their life.

They will continue their research into these ideas during the following weeks. Have a nice weekend. ❤️

みなさん、こんにちは!今週はあまり雪が降りませんでしたが、窓や校庭から雪に覆われた山々を眺めて楽しむことができました。 ️



子ども達のリーディングスキルも着実に向上しています。さらに、授業の一環として読んでコメントするRAZブックや図書館で選んだ本に加えて、ユニットに関連する本を読みプレゼンテーションの準備を始めて行きます。今回のユニットはHealthですので、Brigitte先生はHow to be healthyの本から分かったことをプレゼンしてくれました。


過去の感動的な歴史的人物Francis Ouimet, Ben Carson, Jesse Martinについての記事を書いたり、人生の障害を乗り越えるための強い精神と体を持った素晴らしいオリンピック選手達のビデオを見ました。翌週以降、これらについてさらに探究していきます。

良い週末を。 ️