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The Project A November 26-30

Hello everyone.
This week, we have continued our usual Project A activities. We have learned about big building and skyscrapers, practiced division problems in Math and helped make props for Upper Elementary’s Christmas performance. We have also introduced a new Project A reading corner, featuring Reading A-Z books on many different topics. The books are leveled, which allows the teacher to choose a book based on the students skill level. The students will read a book of their choice, answer the questions related to the book and write a short summary of what they have read. 📚
Have a nice weekend! 😊
様々なトピックのReading A-Zという本 が置いてある新しいリーディングコーナーをご紹介しました。本はレベルごとに分かれていて、子ども達一人ひとりのスキルレベルに合わせて先生が本を選んであげることができます。自分で選んだ本を本で、その本に関連する質問に答え、読んだことについての短いサマリーを書きます。📚