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Independence and Creativity

Summer is certainly giving us some hot days; and students have been enjoying the ice in their water bottles, the fan on their faces, and the watermelon on their lunch menu. We now only run the exercise track if it is a cool morning. When we ran it on Monday morning this week, it soon became hot so we chose to run for only 10 minutes. Students are also being encouraged to drink frequently throughout the day.
梅雨とはいっても、大分暑い日が続いていますね。Elementary Classの子どもたちは、そんな中水筒に入っている氷や顔に当たる扇風機の風、ランチに出てくるスイカなど冷たく感じられるものを楽しんでいます。最近は暑さの影響で、朝のランニングは長くはできませんが、10分間だけでもするようにしています。また、こまめな水分補給にも気をつけています。
This week we are hoping to get to 5,000 pet bottle lids. With our counting box full of lids on Tuesday, students were keen to estimate how many lids were in it. When we tipped them out onto the floor, it was like a pet bottle lid waterfall; then we enjoyed counting them into bags of 100. Please send in more lids as we are keen to count to 10,000. The students are already predicting what that amount of pet bottle lids will look like.
In contrast to counting manually students are also investigating the advantage of using a calculator as a tool for problem solving. Within our current unit “Earth’s natural cycles affect the activities of living things.” we discussed how a farmer might organize his produce into boxes ready for delivery to the shop. Using all four operations, students investigated various possibilities. Students had to determine which operations were needed for the different scenarios. Pictures of farmers and their produce and the use of actual boxes made the activity even more realistic.
After discussing the IB attitude of “independence” students had fun learning or assisting others to learn how to tie laces. In the coming weeks we will continue to practice the humble bow for tying a shoe lace as well as other types of knots.
Another IB attitude we have been investigating is “creativity”. In art today we painted leaves and then pressed them onto paper to make pictures or patterns. Students identified that they were using their imagination and their very interesting ideas as they were painting.
IBの考え方の一つである「自立」という言葉の意味を話し合ったみんなは紐の縛り方をお友達と助け合いながら学んでいます。来週からは靴ひもを結ぶ際に必要な蝶々結びやその他のタイプの結び目を練習します。 「創造性」という言葉もIBの考え方にあり、それをフルに活用できたのは、やはりアートの時間!様々な種類の葉っぱに色を塗り、それらを自分の楽しさと想像力に任せ作品作りをしました。