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Milky Way Homeroom Teacher
Fronielyn Tenerepe
Fronielyn earned a degree in Bachelor of Secondary Education- Major in English at Polytechnic University of the Philippines- Maragondon Campus in 2016. In the same year, she obtained National Certificate II in Tile Setting. She started working as a teacher in a private school teaching English langauge and literature at Kindergarten, Elementary, and High School until March 2018. She took and passed the license Examination for Teachers last March 2017. In a public school, she taught English Language and Arts to grade five pupils from June 2018 to March 2019. During her teaching, she attended seminars/training and acquired certificates such as MTAP 2017 Training for Teachers, District Roll Out Training on PRIMALS 2018 (Pedagogical Retooling in Mathematics, Languages, and Science), Ika- 5 na Panrehiyong Kongreso ng mga Guro sa Filipino, and 2018 International Mind Education Specialist Training: Seminar Workshop on Leadership Enhancement.