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“We are Reflective”


Aurora class has gradually returned to our regular routine. After a week of online class, students have come back to school for our face to face learning.

✅ Unit of Inquiry

We have been talking about rules that would help us become organize. This week we discussed about the effect of following or breaking the rules. The teacher asked Aurora class how rules are being followed, Aurora class said, we walk, we talk quietly, we share toys, we are kind to everybody, and we clean up. And the effect of breaking the rules according to them are, when we run in the hallway or in the classroom, we may bump into each other. When we scream our ears hurt that’s why we need to talk quietly. When we don’t share toys, our friends may feel sad that’s why it’s important to share and play together. When we are not kind to friends, they may cry when we speak hurt words that’s why we try to always use kind words. And if we don’t clean up, our class gets messy. All these ideas came from the minds of our littlest. We are reflective!

✅ Craft

We made a snowflake using two shades of blue construction paper strips, cotton swab, white paint, glue stick, and cotton balls. But before we maid it, we sang the “Snowflake” song and we read a book about snow. Then the teacher explained to us how we should do it. Here we go! We rubbed the glue stick on the center of a strip of paper and then laid the middle of the next strip on top of the glue being careful that the strips are not parallel to one another. The teachers showed how to make the first couple strips perpendicular and then laid the next strips making sure they put a spot of glue in between each layer to form a snowflake. Next, students used one end of the cotton swab, lightly dabbed the paint-dipped swab onto their snowflake. And finally, they stuck some colored cotton balls around their snowflake. This craft fits Aurora’s cognitive and motor skill levels. 

✅ Music Class

We have a Music lesson this week. We learned to press down the Do, Re, Mi keys with the right fingers. Aurora class tried our best to play the pianica with accuracy even without the sound to avoid infection of covid-19. Then we also had an activity that taught us the note value. We identified the notes and walk or run according to the rhythm. We had so much fun.

✅ Walking

We spent time walking outside. We wanted to play in the park. However, due to restrictions, we couldn’t do it at the moment and therefore, we just walked around the park and walked back to school. It was a short walk, but it was a good activity to increase our diaphragmatic breathing.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone.