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“Our Individual Commitment To A Group Effort” Aurora- July 26-30


Aurora is back after a long weekend. We had various activities coupled with so much fun and learning experiences.長いお休みから元気にスクールへと戻ったオーロラさん、今週も楽しい活動を通して学びの経験を積みました。

✅ Unit of Inquiry

This week we continued working on our first line of inquiry. We grouped ourselves into five groups. Each group was given different pictures of animals living in the ocean, in the mountain, and on the farm and they classified them as a team. Then each group did a presentation of their animal classification. We noticed that some groups have classified animals accordingly, but others classified them inappropriately. With the help of other students, we were able realize where those animals live and so we stuck them onto the paper of their habitat. To have more fun, we played a game. Teachers showed the pictures of animals, then students stood up in front of the poster where those animals live. We had lots of fun.


✅ Phonics and Tracing

We learned phonics N /n/ for nest, nut, necklace, nose, and nurse, then, colored the objects. Most of our little ones used rainbow colors. And we traced upper case N.今週のフォニックスは、N/nでした。 nest, nut, necklace, nose, nurseの5つの単語も学び、これらの絵に色を塗りました。面白いことに、ほとんどの子供たちがレインボーカラーで塗っていました。トレーシングでは大文字のNをなぞり、練習しました。

We also had our swimming class at the central pool this week and we played in the water at school pool almost everyday. Our practice for our Sports Festival performance is on-going. Looking forward for this event.


Have a wonderful weekend everyone.良い週末をお過ごしください。