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Aurora October 7-11

“Red white red white red… what comes next?” “Girl boy girl boy girl… what comes next? Did you spot a pattern?”
Patterns are things that repeat in a predictable way like red and white stripes on a shirt, days of the week or boy girl boy girl in a class line. Patterns are everywhere! Aurora has been working on ABAB patterning. It is important that young children are able to predict logically what comes next, what was before. These are early analytical skills vital for cognitive development and early mathematical skills. We worked on our number recognition and sequencing too.

For our unit of inquiry on using words to express ourselves, we practised using our nice words – 🌠 MAGIC words… “please, thank you”.

We reminded ourselves that kind words make you and I happy. How do we fill each other’s buckets? From a poster, each student picked a kind act to work on that will make a friend happy. “Show you care. Play together. Say something nice. Share a book”. We watched a video song too from the popular kids programme The Learning Station “Fill Your Bucket”. It is as easy as holding your friend’s hand, giving a smile and helping to clean up!
親切な言葉を使うと、人を嬉しい気持ちにさせたり、自分自身も嬉しい気持ちになりますね。ではどうやってお互いのバケツをうめることが出来るでしょうか?オーロラさんは一人ずつ、教室に掲示しているポスターの中からお友達を嬉しい気持ちにする行いを一つ選び、取り組むことにしました。*相手を思いやる気持ちを示す*一緒に遊ぶ*何か嬉しくさせることをお友達に言う*本を一緒に読むの中から一つ選びました。 Fill Your Bucketという歌も、ビデオを見ながら歌いました。お友達の手をにぎったり、笑いかけたり、お片付けを手伝ってあげたりなど、オーロラさんならすぐに出来そうな気がします。

In Gym, the students are getting more skilful with their hula hoops. They twirled, rolled and jiggled with their pink hoops! Well done. Aurora and Canyon became rabbits and alligators too. Over the rope, they hopped. Under the rope they crawled!

Saving the best for last… the highlight of the week… Jack O Lanterns for Halloween! We made paper pumpkins. It wasn’t an easy craft work. There were several steps of twisting, pasting, and colouring. Aurora students showed good focus and stamina, good job! Our Jack O Lanterns turned out fantastic. 🎃 It’s Health and Sports Day next Monday. Have a Genki weekend. Till next Tuesday, au revoir!