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Ready!get set, Go!(Meadow September 6th-10th)

位置について!よーい、ドン! Meadowクラス 9月6日から10日より

Hello everyone,


Our awaited day has come! Our Sports Day! Some friends had their first time to participate on this event. The feeling was different compared to normal days. Because of Corona pandemic, this year we held it without the parents presence. Our young learners had a strong faith doing their best and were very proud to their parents that they did it! While waiting for their turn to race, they sat down quietly and cheered to other class. When their turn come, they were very attentive and raised their hands saying “I’m here!” in a big voice. They had so much fun on the race and they ran as fast as they can when they heard the signal “GO!” After the race, we marched through the exit holding up high their own made torch. On our closing circle we distributed their “GOLD MEDAL” for their reward. Good job, Meadow😊👍

待ちに待った日が来ました!運動会です!何人かはこの行事に参加するのは初めてでした。いつもの日とは違う気持ちでした。コロナウイルスの世界的大流行の為、今年は保護者の方が出席せずに行われました。子供達は全力を出し切ることを強く誓い、頑張った事をお父さん、お母さんに自信を持って報告できました。かけっこの順番を待っている間、みんな静かに座り、他のクラスを応援しました。 自分達の順番が来るとみんな集中して“I’m here!” と大きな声で言って手を挙げました。かけっこを大いに楽しみ、 “GO!” の合図を聞いたらできるだけ速く走りました。かけっこの後、みんな自分達が作ったトーチを高い位置にもって出口へ向かって行進しました。帰りの会ではみんなの頑張りに対し “金メダル”を渡しました。Meadowクラスのお友達、みんな頑張りました。😊👍

This week, our young learners made their wall decoration craft for the grandparents day. We printed their photos and cut them into a round shape. They enjoyed sticking the cutout papers around the paper plate to make a frame. They can’t wait to hand it to their beloved grandparents.


It was a wonderful week for everyone.


Thank you for reading our blog.


Have a safe and a nice weekend.