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“Meadow Phrases-A Good Start To Speak English” Meadow- May 25-29

「Meadowクラスのフレーズ集―英語を話す良いスタート」        Meadowクラスの25日から29日

Hello Everyone!


Time flies! We are already on the last week of May.

時が経つのは早いものです! もう5月の最終週です。

In this week, we had fun practice walking outside. On our walk, we enjoyed seeing the vivid flowers of different kinds around and talking about their colors. We gladly sang together along the way as we keep in mind the rules for safe walking. It’s fun! Inside the class, we inculcate the importance of taking turn, sharing, and independence. We learn new things little by little each day.


Part of our daily activities in the morning, aside from singing and doing exercise, we also do have our “Meadow Phrases”. Here, everyone is asked to come in front of the class, choose a phrase and say it aloud. Surprisingly, our dear little ones can remember and say the phrases like, “How are you today?”, “I’m sorry”, “Help me, please”, “I can share”, “Let’s clean up”, “More food, please”, etc. And the most important thing is, we know when to say them.

歌を歌ったり体を動かしたりする活動とは別に朝の毎日の活動の一部である「Meadow Phrases」を行っています。ここでは皆が先生にクラスの前に来るように言われて フレーズを一つ選び、大きな声で発表するものです。驚いたことに、クラスの小さなお友達は”How are you today?”,”I’m sorry”,”Help me, please”, ” I can share”, ” Let’s clean up”, “More food, please”, などのような フレーズを覚えていて発表しています。一番大切なことはみんながいつ言ったらいいのかが分かることです。

Check out more of our fun-filled learning activities next week.


Have a wonderful weekend everyone.