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School Open Day− Fantastic moment with parents- Meadow(May13-17)

Hello everyone,

We have our first open day for this school year. We were glad the parents could observe and see the children’s life at school. Kids showed their best in circle time and everyone’s awaited moment was to eat snacks with their families. They had big smiles while having a special moment with them. The fun continued and we did the recreation. Parents also did the animals dance together, and they cuddled their kids picking the banana and feeding the monkey. Everyone had a blast but saying goodbye was a very tough moment. We are grateful for the parents’ participation and allotting your time to come and have fun together.

This month, we enjoyed our inquiry about animals. Our little learners love doing animal shadow matching and animal puzzles. In doing these activities, it helps them recognize the animals and their names.

Drawing and playing with dough enhances the children’s fine motor skills. A simple drawing transformed into a beautiful masterpiece. Amazing job, Meadow!

Kids stay active and healthy by moving their bodies and stretching during gym lessons.

Feel the cool breeze and enjoy the scenery around walking outdoors. This was our second walking practice outside the campus. Our little learners did their best to grab the rope and follow the friends before them.

Thank you for this week. Have a fantastic weekend and see you on Monday😊