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We are cool! – Milky Way 6/27 – 7/1

Amid scorching hot weather, the Milky Way class has decided to be cool! 

猛暑の中ですが、Milky Wayクラスはとってもクールな活動をしています!

One of the most popular habits to youngsters nowadays is to be a content creator, and that does not exclude our Milky Way students; when asked what do they want to be when they grow up, some would say: I want to be a “YouTuber” or also known as “ a vlogger” 


To make this dream come true, we decided to wrap up our first unit of inquiry by making a video about being “Healthy”. 


Each student contributed to this project; they answered the questions well and generously volunteered their two cents about the matter. 


We are all proud of how everybody remembers well what they have learned and see them apply what they’ve learned to their everyday activity. 


We all hope that our parents, family, friends, and teachers would love our video. 


What does healthy mean to you?

Our Milky Way students have already started to practice hitting the ball with the correct posture in our tennis lesson. Despite the high temperature on the court, everybody gives their best to do the task and tries hard to hit the ball and gain points. Nothing would indeed hinder our Milky Wayers from having fun, not even the heat of Summer. 


The sports festival is coming in two months. We have begun our training early so we’d have ample time to practice and make our last performances as Preschoolers the best ones. We all can’t wait to show everybody our number. 


Next week is the opening of another Unit of Inquiry. We are all excited to learn more and be better individuals, and good team players in our community. 

来週からは、新しいUnit of Inquiryが始まります。多くのことを学び、より良い個人、そしてより良いチームプレーヤーとなることを楽しみにしています。

Have a wonderful weekend and stay cool! 🙂