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Getting back on track! (Milky Way)

Right after the weeklong holiday, we are again back on track here in Milky Way class! We finally finished our lesson in LOI 2 which is about Resolving Conflicts. We had a role-playing activity where each group showed how they can resolve conflicts that are usually happening in our classroom. Using the Problem Solving Wheel that we learned in class the students chose two solutions to the conflict that they picked. It was so fun to see them act in front of the class and show confidence in what they’re doing.

お盆休みが明けて、Milky Wayクラスで過ごす日常が戻りました!ユニット2の2つ目の探究テーマ、「衝突の解決」が今週で終了しました。最後のアクテビティは、4つのグループに分かれスクールで普段起こる「衝突」の解決方法を劇でみんなに紹介しました。以前使用した問題解決ウィールから、起こった衝突に対する2つの解決法を選びました。みんなの前で劇を発表したり、お友達の発表を見て楽しみました。みんな自信を持って発表することが出来ました!

This week we have also started our learning activities for our final line of inquiry for this unit. Our LOI 3 is about Ways to Achieve a Common Goal. We started this LOI with activities that will help students understand the meaning of the word goal. The students also wrote down their goals as Milky Way students and they even included some action steps that they would like to take in order to achieve their goal.


In Math, we continued our lesson on Comparing Numbers and we also played games related to this topic. While in Phonics, we practiced reading and spelling words with letter twins. Reading long words can be challenging at times, and so to make it easier for the students to read these words, we learned to break them into smaller parts. We are becoming more and more confident with our reading skills!


スポーツフェスティバルの会場に飾るクラフトも今週完成させました!エリック・カール作の「Papa, please get the moon for me」という絵本を読み、月にはしごを登ってたどり着くアートを作りました。夜空を表現するために青と緑の絵の具を混ぜて色塗りし、スティックを貼り付けはしごを製作しました!とても素敵な作品が出来上がりました!

This is indeed a fun-filled and productive week for the Milky Way class. Hope you are all doing well! Until next time!