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Healthy Choices (Milky Way)

This was a fun week for Milky Way kids, as we continue our lesson about ways to be healthy!

In our UOI class, we looked into different scenarios and we listed down what we noticed about healthy people. Then, as a class, we also identified the activities that healthy people can do. We realized that healthy people can do almost anything! These activities helped the Milky Way kids to have a clear idea of what being healthy really means.


UOIレッスンでは、健康な生活に関するビデオを見たり話し合いをして、健康な人について気が付いた事をリストにまとめました。そして、クラス全体で健康な人はどんな活動が出来るのかを考えました。「健康な人はほとんど全てのことが出来るんだ!」と気が付きました。これらのレッスンを通して、Milky Wayのお友達は健康でいることがどうして大切なのかという事を学びました。

Then, we moved on to our second Line of Inquiry (LOI), which is all about habits that keep us healthy and the first topic under this LOI is Food! This was an enjoyable topic for the Milky Way kids because it seems like all of us love food! So for our first activity, we made our own paper lunch box and pasted our favorite food there. The kids included different kinds of food in their lunch box and they all look so delicious! The Milky Way students really all have a good taste.

今週は次の探求テーマ(Lines of Inquiry)「健康でいるために必要な習慣」の話し合いも始めました。最初に話し合ったのは「食べ物」についてです。みんなの大好きな「食べ物」についての話題で、とても楽しそうです。まずは自分の好きな食べ物を貼り付けたお弁当を作りました。色々な種類の食べ物を貼り付け、とっても美味しそうなお弁当が出来上がりました!Milky Wayのお友達はセンスがいいですね。

Then, we discussed about Food groups! We learned that food can be categorized into different groups. The students took part in the Food Group Quiz. With their group mates, the students identified the group of the foods that were shown to them. They used teamwork skills to answer the questions and they all had fun while learning.


Next week, we will still continue our lesson about food by discussing Balance Diet. These lessons will help us be more knowledgeable so that we can make informed and healthier choices!




Thank you for reading our blog. Until next time! Stay safe and healthy!