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Christmas is in the air! (Milky Way)

The holiday is fast approaching and before this year ends, we just have to accomplish some fun tasks and activities in the Milky Way class.

In phonics, the students enjoyed learning about words with Bossy R. At first, it was challenging for the kids to differentiate how to read and spell words with ar, ir, or, ur, and er because sometimes they sound the same. After a series of fun activities and games, they are now finding it easy to use these words.

This week we also had some fun time in the park! The Milky Way kids are getting better in walking outside. We enjoyed the crisp weather and had the best time playing and running in a wide-open area.

Lastly, we did some craft activities related to the Christmas season. The students made some ornaments using the elements of art we learned in this unit. We also made our Santa Claus letters and surprisingly, they turned out to be a beautiful process art. Being creative now became second nature for the Milky Way kids. Just give them some craft materials and they can create something lovely out of it!

Thank you all for this wonderful year! Ms. Queenie will be away for the holidays. I am grateful for the time we spent together this year and I am looking forward to a fruitful year ahead. May you all have a blessed Christmas and New Year! Happy Holidays!