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Milky Way September 30th – October 4th

Hello everyone!
We started the new month with exciting learning activities that taught us the importance of Teamwork. The first challenge that the Milky Way students accomplished is the Marshmallow Challenge. The goal of each group is to make the highest tower out of the given materials, which are the following: pasta sticks, yarn, tape, and a marshmallow. It sounds simple, but the students had a challenging time finishing the task because the marshmallow should be on top of the tower. Their towers kept falling whenever they put the marshmallow on top, but they still tried their very best to accomplish the challenge. In this learning activity, the students understand the value of perseverance and the importance of cooperation.

The next teamwork task that the students accomplished this week is the Blocks Challenge. In this task, we divided the class into two groups. The goal of each group is to copy the block structure in the picture within the given time limit. Group A did the task first while Group B watched and recorded the actions that were helpful for the team and the ones did not help. In the second round, the groups switched roles. Group B did the task, while Group A watched and accomplished the observation notes. Both groups completed the task on time and they also became aware of the things that they should do to achieve teamwork.

After doing a series of teamwork challenges, we made a Y chart poster of our ideas about Teamwork. We identified how it looks like, sounds like and feels like. Now, the Milky Way students have a concrete understanding of what Teamwork really is. We are now ready for this unit’s summative assessment, which is the Amazing Race: Teamwork Edition that will happen next week!

Thank you for keeping up with the Milky Way class! Have a nice weekend!