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Milky Way, 7 October; Businesses and Organisations

This week, we focused on Business as it is one of our monthly themes. The children learned what business is, especially about stores, restaurants, and factories around us. We’ve discussed the way how to get things when we need something. Many students answered like, “we go to the restaurant to eat.” or “we go to the supermarket to get food.” Even some students said that we need “money” to buy things.
We also watched the Toyota production lines to investigate factories in class to help them grasp factories and production. The students were so surprised to watch it!!
We had a chance to go to the park on Tuesday afternoon. Milky Way was very excited to go there.
We are doing a great job with quadrilaterals (rectangle, square, rhombus, and trapezoid) and triangles (equilateral, isosceles, scalene, right-angled). Many students were able to name those shapes and even draw them by themselves!!
We read many scripts such as “The Wolf and the Seven Little Goats”, “Hensel and Gretel” (from Grimm’s Fairy Tales), “Pinocchio” (from Disney) throughout this week and discussed which story we can play for the Christmas Show and we’ve decided to play “The Wolf and the Seven Little Goats”. We will be sending scripts and song words for Milky Way to practice for the Christmas Show in the near future!
今週、ミルキーでは今月のテーマの一つ、Businessについて学んできました。子供たちはBusinessとは何か? 特にお店、レストラン、工場について話し合いました。みんなで何かほしいものがある時、どのようにして手に入れるか?やどこに行くか?という質問を投げかけると、“we go to the restaurant to eat.” や “we go to the supermarket to get food. “