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Milky Way, 07 July

This has been the last week of Milky Way’s current transdisciplinary theme of who we are, with the central idea that we use our five senses to perceive and interpret the world around us. The class has thoroughly investigated:
Milky Wayのテーマ「私たちとは」 セントラルアイディア「私達は5感を使って周りの世界を理解し、解釈する」 は今週で終わりです。クラスの探求点は以下のものです:

  • A practical investigation into each of the five senses 五感それぞれを実践的に調査する
  • The role of our senses in exploring and discovering our world 感覚というものは身の周りの世界を知り、発見するためにある
  • How various things are perceived with more than one sense 様々な物事は一つ以上の感覚で理解される
  • What happens when one of the senses is lost 一つでも感覚が無くなるとどうなるか

The class displays a depth of understand and has gained significant knowledge in this area, as well as having added an additional fifty sense-related words to their vocabulary and fourteen descriptive sentences which they can understand, read, hear, and speak. To summarise the unit and the five senses, students made posters with a number of items which can be perceived by one or more of the senses. Additionally, students were asked individually to provide specific examples of things that could be seen, heard, smelled, tasted, or touched and also, each student was asked to choose the item they listed for one of the senses and describe what other senses could analyse it.

The classroom has some frogs which were caught by students and are being kept in the classroom and will fit well with the class’s upcoming unit on the specific needs of living things. The class has also been enjoying some outside time each day catching insects to feed to the frogs.
Milky Way has begun looking at some questions from the eiken exams to assess their potential for taking the test. This class this week changed their seating arrangement and are enjoying their new positions.
先週からMilky Wayでは新たなお友達(カエル)が生活しています。カエルや生き物が大好きな子どもたちは、来週から始まる新しいユニット「生き物の必要なもの」についても楽しく学んでいけることでしょう。また、席替えをしてみんな新しい席を楽しんでいます。英検の問題にも少しずつですが取り組んでいます。