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Communication Day At Gojo Campus! Milky Way 6/26-6/30

Hi everyone!


It’s time to say goodbye to the month of June! We ended this month with a very exciting tour and Communication Day at Gojo campus, the elementary school of ISN. It was a long drive, but we enjoyed seeing the beautiful scenery along the way!


We began with a tour to the rice field in front of the school. We found out that elementary students planted rice altogether and they will harvest it in September. We also tasted the mulberry fruit. Someone even said, “I want to eat more!” In the mulberry bush, we surprisingly saw a big and beautiful snail! We couldn’t help take it to the class and take care of it. The place was very relaxing and peaceful!


We grouped the students into three to do some activities with the elementary students and teachers. The group who went to Grade 1 class made some colorful origami birds. The Grade 1 was very caring to us in teaching how to make the bird. The group who went to Grade 2 did a scavenger hunt activity. They went to the school field playing area and found a frog! The group who went to Grades 5 & 6 had so much fun in making bookmarks out of dried leaves and flowers that they picked up outside. The elementary students were very caring in teaching and helping us do the activities. It was a fun and wonderful experience to meet the elementary students and teachers at Gojo campus! Thank you so much for having us!


In our school, we also had some events like the monthly emergency drill and birthday party. Even if Milky Way class was very busy doing workstation activities, they were very alert. Once they heard the emergency alarm and heard the announcement of the earthquake, they quickly stopped what they were doing and went under the table. Well done, everyone!


This month, two of our friends celebrated their 6th birthday! Happy, happy birthday to you both! Everyone had really enjoyed the amazing show of Shooting Star teachers. They saw Princess Jasmine singing a beautiful song! Thank you for this wonderful party, teachers!

クラスでは今月、2人のお友達が6歳の誕生日を迎えました🎂!お誕生日おめでとう!!今月は、Shooting Starクラスの先生達が楽しいショーを見せてくれました。ショーの中ではプリンセス・ジャスミンが登場し、きれいな歌を歌ってくれ、みんなも一緒に歌って楽しみました🎶素敵なパーティーをありがとうございました!

Since we started to feel the Summer season, playing in the water is the best activity for kids. We started playing in our outdoor pool and they were able to play with the toys they made. Kids water play provides the opportunity to develop fine and gross motor skills across all age ranges. Actions like pouring, scrubbing, squirting, stirring and squeezing are all important movements that lead to increased fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.They also had a chance to do mud play when the weather was cloudy and windy. Mud play allows children to connect and interact with the natural world around them. It helps children develop tactile skills with sensory play.


We don’t forget to take care of our carrot and tomato plants in the garden. We always take the weeds around them and water them regularly. Now we can see little tomato fruits growing. We can’t wait to harvest and eat them soon!


That’s all! Thank you for reading our blog and have a wonderful weekend!