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Let’s be kind! Milky Way 7/10-14

Teaching children about conflict helps them to identify problems. It also helps them choose the best solutions on their own. This week, we started to explore our new Unit of Inquiry. The central idea is “Teamwork is essential to achieving common goals”. We have three lines of inquiry such as:


LOI1: Causes of conflicts (Causation) 衝突・対立の原因 (原因)

LOI2: Managing conflicts and problem solving (Perspective) 葛藤・対立の解決 (視点)

LOI3: Ways of achieving common goals (Responsibility) 共通の目標を達成する方法(責任)

In our IB Time, we did some activities related to our UOI. We had a big paper of coloring activity, so students who wanted to do it could share it in one paper. The purpose of this activity is to see if students will be able to share and take turns nicely or will there be a conflict or argument among them. They had a small conflict while doing the activity and we discussed what happened, what caused the problem, and how to solve it. Everyone shared their ideas about it and we were able to resolve the conflict smoothly. 


We also have the Feelings Thermometer. It is a visual tool that helps kids measure how they are doing emotionally and what steps they can take to shift their mood when ​things are getting tough. We let all of them do this during IB time, so that they can learn how to manage their feelings or learn ways how to calm down or shift their feelings through choosing among the suggested activities.


Another activity was sorting Kind and Unkind pictures that show various situations. We were able to identify what actions make people happy and we will try to practice everyday (kind) and which actions cause conflict or argument and we will try to avoid doing. After the discussion about it, I am so happy to see how Milky Way students changed their actions among their friends. Now I could hear more nice words from them like “Good job, I love you, I like you, I can help you, Let’s play together..” Seeing them hugging their friends is very sweet! If we are kind, no conflict will arise. Let’s be kind!

もう一つのアクティビティは、様々な場面での「親切な絵」と「不親切な絵」を並べ替えるものでした。どんな行動が人を喜ばせられるもので、毎日実践しようと思うのか(親切)、そしてどんな行動が対立や口論を引き起こすもので、避けようと思うのかを確認することができました。この話し合いの後、ミルキーさん達の行動に変化が見られ、とても嬉しく思いました👏今では、”Good job, I love you, I like you, I can help you, Let’s play together… “といった素敵な言葉をたくさん聞くようになりました。お友だちとハグする姿も💛みんなが親切だと、衝突は起こらないんですね。みんなに親切にしよう!

The Cup Stack is a great activity to facilitate teamwork. We divided the class into two groups to do the task. One group was able to do it successfully but the other group didn’t. Another chance to talk about the conflict happened while doing the game. We talked about what teamwork is and gave some examples on how to show teamwork in our class.


We went to the garden and saw many tomato fruits and we harvested them excitedly. After harvesting the tomatoes, we washed them and ate them! Fresh from the garden tomatoes! Tasty!園庭の畑には、たくさんのトマトの実が🍅!みんなでわくわくしながら収穫しました。自分達で収穫したトマトを洗って、せーので食べました🎶!収穫したてのトマト!美味しい~😋トマトが苦手なお友達も、自分達で育てたトマトとあり、自分から一口かじってみる姿もあって、「苦手だけど食べてみたい」という気持ちが伝わってきました!

Sadly, we had to say goodbye again to our old friend who moved to Hawaii 2 years ago and had a chance to come back to Japan and stayed in our class for a month. We will miss you big time and hope to see you again!


Thank you for reading our blog and have a wonderful weekend!