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Use less! MW 1/26-2/1

When students leave the classroom, they see the connections between what is happening at school and in the ‘real-world’.

子ども達はクラスを出ると、学校での出来事と “リアル “で起きていることのつながりを目にするのです。

Last Friday, we were able to see what really happens to the burnable garbage we throw away. Where do they go? In the Clean Center, they saw the garbage trucks transferring the garbage collected to the big pit. They saw how cranes sort and mix the garbage. The next step is burning the garbage. 


For their reflection activity, students were divided into groups and they drew what happens to the garbage we throw away based on what they saw in the Clean center. “I want to draw a crane mixing the garbage!” “Can you draw the fire in the monitor?”

スクールに戻ってから、振り返りの活動を行いました。グループに分かれ、クリーンセンターで見たものをもとに、私たちが捨てたごみがどうなるかを絵にしました。”ごみを混ぜるクレーンを描きたい!” “モニターの中の火を描いてくれない?”

They saw how much garbage is coming in the Clean center and this week we discovered ways to reduce the garbage and to lower the use of things such as soap, water, toilet paper, tissue, plastic, and paper. “We can make our own juice instead of buying bottled juice drinks.” “We can use eco bags instead of plastic bags.” “One push of soap is ok when you wash your hands and turn off the tap while scrubbing your hands.” “We can use a rag to wipe the table or floor instead of tissue.” By doing this, we hope we reduce the amount of garbage we throw everyday.


In Phonics we learned about the digraphs /ou/ and /ow/. They have the same sound as in “aw” in words cloud or clown. We did picture and word matching activity and by group they worked together to complete the sentences given to them with the appropriate digraph words. 


Milky Way class enjoyed reading their book entitled “Allie and Ollie”. When I write the word people, they start thinking about what people usually do every day. They shared many wonderful ideas. When they read the title of the book written on the board, they started guessing what the book is about. As we read the book, they were able to check if their predictions were correct. “Allie and Ollie are not people (human), they are dogs!” “They are both girls (female)! They were able to answer the questions “Why are Allie and Ollie like people?. They found out the things that dogs like Allie and Ollie can do just like people.

ミルキーウェイ・クラスは、”Allie and Ollie “という本を楽しく読みました。Ms.Fronieがホワイトボードに「people」と書くと、みんなは「people」がどんなことをしているのか考え始め、みんなでたくさんアイデアを出し合いました。今度はホワイトボードに書かれた本のタイトル”Allie and Ollie “を読むと、どんな本なのかを想像し始めました。本を読みながら、子ども達は自分たちの予想が当たっているかどうか確かめることができました。「アリーとオリーは人間じゃなくて犬だよ!」「二人とも女の子だよ!」「どうしてアリーとオリーは人間に似ているの?」アリーやオリーのような犬たちにも、人間と同じようにできることがあるんですね😊

That’s it! Thank you for reading our blog and have a wonderful weekend!