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Happy Girl’s Day! MW 2/26-3/1

Days are getting busier for Milky Way class because we have started practicing for the graduation. We had a photo and video shoot that we will use to make a throwback video. We loved how they sang the songs and we are so excited to show it to their families, friends, and teachers.


On Monday, we played their favorite games “I have…Who has…” and musical chairs to review digraphs we have learned. They enjoyed singing and dancing “Let’s Star Jump!” and did a great job in reading digraph words. 

月曜日は、みんなが好きな”I have… Who has…”ゲームとイスとりゲームで、今まで学んだダイグラフの復習をしました。”Let’s Star Jump!”の歌とダンスを踊りながら、ダイグラフの単語を上手に読むことができました✨

In UOI, we continue to discover ways to help the environment using 3 R’s. We did a sorting activity to see which picture is good or bad for the environment. We first discussed the good things for the environment such as recycling your trash, using both sides of the paper, turning off the TV, drinking tap water, giving old clothes to charity, and walking to school. They identified which of the 3 R’s show each picture and shared why it is good for the environment. “We can save water. We can use less electricity. We use less paper. We recycle our trash. Someone can use the clothes again.”


Every year on March 3 we celebrate Hina Matsuri, the Girls’ Festival in Japan to celebrate the health and happiness of young girls. Hina dolls are displayed in homes where girls live and special dishes are eaten on this day. In school, we had a special lunch and dessert such as chirashi sushi and sakura mochi. Everybody loved the food and finished it. They also made Hina dolls using 3D shapes such as cones for the body of the doll and cuboid for the platform where they put the dolls. Happy Girl’s Day!!!

3月3日、日本では女の子の健康と幸せを祝うひな祭り。女の子のお家では雛人形が飾られ、この日には特別なお料理を食べたりしますね。スクールでは、ちらし寿司や桜餅などのスペシャルなランチとデザートを食べました。みんなおいしそうに完食😊またクラフトでは、IBタイムに学んでいる3D shapes(体にはcorn円錐、台にはcuboid立方体)を使って雛人形を作りました。台は、3Rのひとつ牛乳パックをリユースしています👍これからも元気に育ってね🌸

Even if the snow was melting when we went outside, Milky Way still had fun playing with the muddy snow! They always enjoy playing with mud. Yes, even in winter! They made a bucket of chocolate shaved ice and ice cream! As children grow through their formative years, mud play will help them achieve many key developmental milestones, such as fine and gross motor skills, sensory awareness, balance and coordination.


Have a wonderful weekend!