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Healthy Foods! MW 4/20-4/24

Fruits, vegetables, eggs, yogurt, and water are healthy foods. Ice cream, chocolates, candies, pizza, burger, doughnuts, and soft drinks are unhealthy foods. Milky Way students sorted out these foods accordingly in our UOI lesson. After sorting them, they shared their ideas why the mentioned foods are healthy and unhealthy. Some of their comments are: “When you eat fruits and vegetables, you will not be sick. Eating eggs makes you strong. Drinking water cleans our body.” According to them, most of the unhealthy foods are sweets and have lots of sugar and can cause tooth decay that’s why they are unhealthy.

果物、野菜、卵、ヨーグルト、水はヘルシーな食べ物。アイスクリーム、チョコレート、キャンディー、ピザ、ハンバーガー、ドーナツ、ソフトドリンクはヘルシーではない。ミルキーさんたちは、UOIレッスンで食べ物を分けるアクティビティを行いました。並べ替えた後、どうしてその食べ物がヘルシーなのか、そうではないのか、自分達の考えを発表しました。子ども達のコメントには次のようなものがありました: 野菜や果物を食べると病気にならないよ。卵を食べると丈夫になる。水を飲むと体がきれいになる。ミルキーさん達によると、ヘルシーではない食べ物のほとんどはお菓子で、砂糖がたくさん入っているので虫歯になりやすく、だからヘルシーじゃないということです😊

We also learned about the three food groups such as “Go, Grow, and Glow” foods. What we did was like a word reveal game wherein students share their ideas first and find out if their answers are correct by taking off the paper used to cover words. Given the words and pictures, they matched the words Go, Grow, and Glow to the pictures to identify the meaning of each food group. They also matched the words to the foods that belong to each food group. Taking off the colored papers and flowers was a good idea to keep students focused and engaged after a tiring play time outside. One morning, instead of saying “I’m here!” when checking their attendance, they shared to the class what they ate for breakfast. “I ate rice and it is Go food.” Below is a song introduced to the students after learning about Go, Grow, and Glow foods.

また、「Go、Grow、Glow」といった3つの食品群についても学びました。子ども達はまず自分の考えを発表し、その答えが正しいかどうかを、紙をめくって確かめるというゲームをしました。「Go」「Grow」「Glow」という単語と絵を照らし合わせて、それぞれの食品グループの意味を特定しました。色紙やお花を外しながら答えるゲームは、外で遊んで少し疲れた子ども達の集中力をキープするのに役に立ちました😊ある朝の出欠確認では、「I’m here!」の代わりに、朝食に何を食べたかを発表してもらいました。「ご飯を食べました。ごはんはGo foodです!」

We went to the schoolyard again to find examples of plants and we saw many different types of plants. Please take a look at the plants they found!


We also went to the park and looked for signs of Spring and most of them are considered as plants. We collected the things we found and next week we will use it to make something that is related to our lesson. We made our own nature bracelet using some of the plants we gathered around the park and Milky Way students were so delighted with the bracelets they made.


In reading, we read the book “My Gift for Mom”. First, I showed them pictures of flowers, chocolates, and gifts with the word mom on it and they quickly guessed that it was for mom or for Mother’s Day.  Each of them shared to the class what they did on Mother’s Day or what’s their message to their mom when they gave the present they made for Mother’s Day. “I love you! Thank you! Thank you for cooking for me!” “My mom hugged me! My mom kissed me! My mom was very happy!” Everybody enjoyed reading the book because they can relate to it and they remember their moms while reading it.

リーディングでは、「My Gift for Mom」という本を読みました。まず、ママと書かれたお花やチョコレート、プレゼントの写真を見せると、子ども達はすぐにそれが母の日のママへのプレゼントだと察しました!母の日に何をした?プレゼントをあげる時に何て言った?など、発表してくれました。大好きだよ!ありがとう!料理を作ってくれてありがとう!ママにハグしてもらった!ママがキスしてくれた!ママはとっても嬉しそうだった!そしてみんなで本を読み、みんなお母さんを思い出しながら、楽しんでいました😊

This week, we did two very fun activities such as painting the wall outside and planting vegetables. Each of them experienced painting a real wall using real paint. They carefully rolled the paint rollers up and down on the wall to create a beautiful background of their drawing. They also planted vegetables such as cherry tomatoes, okra, and basil in the garden. They displayed the inquirer learner profile because they asked many questions about how to grow the vegetables they planted. Everyday two students will go to the garden to water the vegetables and they will take turns and have a chance to water them.


The May birthday celebrants had their birthday party at school. One of our Milky Way friends celebrated his 6th birthday. Happy happy birthday to you! Hope you enjoyed your birthday!


That’s all for this week! Thank you for reading the blog and have a wonderful weekend!