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Rainbow September 23-27

It was a wonderful week for our dear Rainbow class!
They had a lot of fun on our bus trip! We ate our morning snack altogether at the park, watched trains coming back and forth and then, played on the slide, swing and on the sandpit. It was truly an awesome day at the park!

Bus trip is one of our little ones’ special days so their mommies and daddies prepared a very special obento for them! Look how happy they were seeing their lovely and yummy obentos!😍
Thank you very much parents! Your effort was truly appreciated by them.
このバストリップで子供達が一番楽しみにしていたのが、お母さん・お父さんに用意してもらったお弁当でした!とっても嬉しそうな子供達の顔をみてください😍 朝早い中準備ありがとうございました。子供達はみんな大喜びでした!

One of our biggest events– Sports Festival happened today! Everyone had an amazing experience. Our youngsters did a great job in our race, banana picking and throwing of balls.👏🏻

We would like to thank the parents and students for your overwhelming support and participation on this event.❤️
Have a great weekend everyone!