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We have listening ears- Rainbow(June 3-7)(耳を傾けています)

Hello everyone,

Days passed by so quickly and we can see many changes and improvements to our little ones. Most of all, we are very proud of them for having a good relationship among friends.

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Instruction is a must in everything we do. Rainbow students are very attentive when the teachers give instructions so most of them know what they must do. Before going for a walk, we explained the rules for walking. some of those rules are: stop when a car is coming, walk straight, don’t pick up anything, and the most important one is to grab the rope nicely. They could follow instructions, so everything went smoothly, and we enjoyed our walk. When we passed close to the rice field, we saw butterflies and flowers that attracted everyone’s attention. The garden owner generously, cut and gave the beautiful flowers in her garden. Kids showed their gratitude by saying thank you and goodbye to the lady owner. Everyone was delighted and took turns holding it.


Enhance the children’s fine motor skills.

June is a rainy season and we decided to make a rain craft. To improve the children’s fine motor skills, kids did the threading activity. It was quite hard for some kids to do it at first and when they were able to insert the yarn into the hole they got excited and thrilled. Well done, Rainbow!

6 月は梅雨の季節なので「雨」をテーマにした工作をすることにしました。子ども達の手指の運動能力を高めるために、糸通しの活動を行いました。最初はなかなかできない子もいましたが、穴に糸を通すことができた時には、とても興奮して喜びました。よくできました!レインボー!

We had our gym lesson done in the music room. The space was small enough to occupy two classes, but everything went smoothly and fun. Kids listened to the instructor and took their turns jumping in the hoop. Kids burn calories by moving their bodies.


We started the new lesson about insects. We sang insect songs while watching the video and the kids remembered the song easily. In the song three insects were mentioned: butterfly, ladybug, and bumblebee. We also read a book about “The Hungry Caterpillar” and kids hunted for the insects when we played in the yard. Some kids found ants, spiders, flies, pill bugs, and ladybugs. They were communicators talking about the insects and saying their names in English.


This month, kids started brushing their teeth. We explained why they had to brush their teeth and demonstrated how to do it. They imitated how the teacher did it. Good job, Rainbow.


Have a fantastic weekend and see you on Monday!