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The fruitage of our labor – Shooting Star 9/13 – 9/17

The temperature has been dropping every day and soon the leaves will start to fall. We are all excited to have fun and learn during this breezy season.

IB – The Summative Assessment for our second unit, Where We Are in Place and Time is around the corner: The students brought an empty tissue box to the school and used it for their project. Each student was tasked to choose a building and present to the class its type, what help we can get from it, and its rule! We are looking forward to next week, where the students will flaunt what they remember about the whole unit in front of the class!
Unit2 (セントラルアイディア:「建物にはそれぞれの目的がある」) も来週で終わりを迎えます!サマティブアセスメントでは、持ってきた空のティッシュボックスで素敵な建物を作りました!3カ月かけて探求してきた3つのLOI(色々な種類の建物、建物の色々な役割や目、建物の中での私たちの責任)を全てとりこみ、LOIとセントラルアイディアの繋がりを理解しているかを確認するアセスメントがサマティブアセスメントです。好きな建物を6つのカテゴリーから選び、その建物には何があるかを思い出し絵をかいてティッシュボックスに貼ります。そして最後はプレゼンテーション。みんなの前で発表します。自分が作った建物の名前と、それがどのカテゴリーに属するか、その建物で何ができるか、その建物の中のルールは何かを発表する予定です。楽しみです🤩

Two become One: This week in Phonics, we have introduced to the students the words that have two words in them – the Compound words. They will dig deeper about this lesson when they are in the Milky Way/ Rainforest. But we made sure that the introduction to this lesson was fun for them: We sang songs, mixed and matched words, and discovered more compound words.
ふたつでひとつ:今週のフォニックスではまたまた新しい単語を学びました。「コンパウンドワード」(二つの単語を合わせた単語)です。例えばFootとBallでFootball。SpaceとShipでSpaceshipなどです。今回は動画をみて歌を歌いながら楽しくコンパウンドワードを学びました。 年長さんになるとコンパウンドワードをもっと深く学ぶことになります。

In Reading this week, We read a book that helped us to differentiate two prepositions in English grammar: In and ON. We learned their difference and tried to use them in sentences by drawing at the back of our book. The students shared to the teachers what they drew like: “Doraemon is on the skateboard.”, I am in bed.” etc

Reading with the teacher in our Library Time is fun! The kids are showing big improvement in reading.

We have jumped from skip counting by fives to counting by twos in Math! The idea is new to them thus make it a little bit challenging, but as the saying goes: Where there is a challenge, there is fun! We will use different strategies and ways to practice skip counting by twos to help the whole class master the lesson.
算数では、「5ずつ数える」から「2ずつ数える」 スキップカウンティングに移りました。2ずつ数えるというコンセプトはみんなにとって初めてだと思うので、少しチャレンジングだったようです。しかし「難題があるところには、楽しさもある」と言うように今週のSSクラスの算数でもチップやおはじきを使って楽しく2ずつ数える練習をしました♪

The highlight of this week was the making of cards for our Grandparents! We love them so much, and we all can’t wait to hand the fruitage of our labor to them.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! 🙂