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Always on the go! Shooting Star 9/6 – 9/10

On your marks, get set, go! – After practicing for a couple of months, our SPORTS FESTIVAL was successfully held today: The kids gave their best in their para balloon performance, and showed sportsmanship in their race.

It was unfortunate though that we could not show our performance to our parents in person, but thanks to our technology, we will still be able to share this precious and unforgettable moment through a video. Please look forward to it! 🙂

This week was our first week of not having nap time; The kids are all proud of another milestone in their life: they are legit grown-ups now, they say! 😉

We had our formative assessment this week, too, and the kids showed a 101percent clear understanding of the topic by acing the activity; they finished the worksheet with no sweat. We are now looking forward to next week, as we begin their craft incorporated in their Summative Assessment of the whole unit.

From counting by 10 we have jumped into counting by 5s. It’s a new concept for the whole class to skip count by 5, so we are taking our time to master this new way of counting: We are using songs, worksheets, and practicing counting a lot to help us memorize and be used to counting by 5s.

2 letters with one sound are what we are studying right now for Phonics and Writing. This week, we practiced writing words that start with the blending sound /ch/ and /br/; Their writing skills are improving a lot as the days go by.
現在SSクラスでは二つの文字のサウンド(発音)をライティングとフォニックス両方で勉強しています。2つの文字から成る発音をブレンディングサウンドと言います。今週は /ch/ と /br/を 学びました。SSさんのライティングスキルは毎日成長しています!

Our craft activity this week was special; by doing this project, we were able to dive into another popular myth and examine another piece from Japanese literature. The making process of the art was fun and have contributed to the fine motor skills development of the students.

The shooting star class is always up to something new; they never say no to any challenges given to them! They are unstoppable and are always thirsty for more; They are indeed always on the go!

Have a lovely weekend! 🙂