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Shooting Star September 2 – 6

We had a very exciting week! It was our first time going back to the park in over a month. The students were so excited and had so much fun. It was nice being outside and playing at the park again.

The students enjoyed both our math activities this week. The first one they measured distance. They used a ruler to measure how far the toy car went and practiced telling us about it in a sentence. The next activity we used measuring cups to fill up some water bottles with colored water. We used the cups to see how many milliliters it would take to fill the bottles. It was fun!
おもちゃの車を紙のチューブから走らせてどのくらいの長さを進むかものさしで測りました。”It went 30cm!” “My car went 15cm!”と車の距離を楽しく測ることができました。SSのお友達全員がものさしの長さを読むことができるようになりました。

Sports Festival is approaching fast and we are working just as hard as ever to be ready for it. We had our first rehearsal this Wednesday with all the classes. It was fun to see everyone together practicing and racing. We also got to practice throwing the bean bags into the basket with Aurora and Canyon.
We are looking forward to our Sports Festival this month and can’t wait to show everyone what we have been doing. Have a wonderful weekend!