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Shooting Star May 20 – 24

This week has been fun for the 4 and 5 year old class. Monday the students started sharing about what they learned during their interviews. Each student picked one interview sheet to share with the class. It has been fun learning about what each family member does in their families and how different some of the families are.

Tuesday was a rainy day so we decided to have the children do a craft. First we showed a video of the story “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” using the projector. All the students were so excited! After the video the students made their own very hungry caterpillars. We used this craft later on in the week to learn about long and short during our math lesson.

We had our usual weekly activities like swimming, gym and music. We decided to use a role play activity to demonstrate how to walk to the park safely and what things we need to look for during outside play time. It was very good and the students did a great job. We are ready to walk to a park next week!
Thursday and Friday we finished up our second line of inquiry, family members have different roles. Thursday the students did a role play activity where they pretended to be different family members. They decided what member they wanted to be and then did different activities that that family member does in their home. They were so excited and had a lot of fun. Friday the students did their summative assessment which was the hexagon activity again, but this time the students glued the pieces together. We did this to compare what they knew before the line of inquiry and then what they learned after it.
木曜日は、Line of Inquiry 2 “Family members have different roles.”を終えるにあたって、ロールプレーをしました。子どもたちはなりたい家族の一員になりきって、お仕事に行くお父さんを演じたり、お母さんみたいにお料理したり、おじいちゃんとおばあちゃんが仲良くドライブに行く様子を演じたりしていました!
金曜日には、子どもたちが家族の役割を理解したかどうかSolo Hexagonという方法でアセスメントをしました。
来週からLine of Inquiry 3 “Families are different around the world.”に入ります。

Thank you and we hope everyone has a great weekend!