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SS Oct 7

Shooting Star has a fantastic week and Friday at Alps Park! Wow! It’s October already. We have completed six months of school and half the school year is over!
Our first week of October was productive. We continued to practice our handwriting in our writing books and each student’s handwriting has improved very much! We are all now writing on the blue line and mostly staying between the black lines on our rows. We have continued to practice our letter formation and direction and stroke order because a few still need quite a bit of work on that specifically.
We have been working on our +5 and +6 Math Facts. We are counting randomly throughout our day and practicing to 100! We are doing a great job learning our numbers!
Shooting Star have read about 40 books! We will be adding new books soon. Great job Shooting Star, keep going!
Alps Park was perfect! The weather was beautiful! We visited the zoo and saw all the animals up close! We ate our lunch in a nice soft grassy spot in the sun. We enjoyed our Bento lunch! Thank you parents for providing such a wonderful lunch! We ran, jumped, swung, climbed, rolled, pushed, pulled, and slid all over the park. We also hiked up the big hill and down and up again! You did good Shooting Star!
Have a fantastic long weekend and we will see you again Tuesday!