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SS Sept. 30th

We have had a productive week in Shooting Star!
We were able to go to the park on Tuesday and Thursday, between the rain. We found a huge Rhinoceros Beetle at the park on Tuesday. Shooting Star was very excited and we watched it climb up a big tree!
On Thursday we collected acorns! We walked all over the whole park to find the acorns. We will use them for many different art projects in the month of October. Miss Sayo made dandelion chains for the students.
We are doing a great job working with our number lines to find our answers to our +6 Math equations. Many students have even used them during Free Play!
We will be sending many scripts and song words for Shooting Star to practice for Halloween, Presentation and Christmas Show. Please help them learn their script and songs. Thank you!
Shooting Starでは今週もとても楽しい週でした。雨が良く降る1週間でしたが、火曜日と木曜日には公園に行ってカブトムシを見つけはしゃいだり、今後行う工作のためにたくさんのドングリやとちの実を集めたりしました。さよ先生が作ってくれたタンポポの冠をかぶった女の子とたち、とても可愛らしかったです。