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SS Sept 9

Shooting Star are doing a fantastic job of reading with their daily reading books. Most of the students are now on their 4th page of books! That means they have read over 33 books! Great job Shooting Star! Please remember to bring your reading book back each day!
We are so excited for our Sports Festival next Friday! We are going to the gym this morning to practice. We will get to practice at the gym next Wednesday and then we will have our Festival on Friday! Hope to see everyone there!
We have been doing Math Facts +5 with our number lines. We can go to our locker any time we need our number line. Yesterday, a student chose to do a wipe off Math sheet during free play. Another student went to their locker and got out their number line for them to use. It was a beautiful example of using their tools during free play. It was great to see.
Shooting Starのお友達のほとんどが、リーディングブック用紙の4ページ目に入り(2回目に読む本もあるなか)とても良く読んできてくれます。4ページ目ということは、すでに33冊も読んでいるという計算になりますね。お家で読むことができたら、翌日は忘れずにスクールに持ってきてください。