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Family roles-Shooting Star-May 13th-17th


Welcome to our second blog for the month of May.

This week, Shooting Star class has talked more about family roles. This is in line with our second line of inquiry, Each family has different individual roles with the central idea, “The roles are different depending on its location and structure” and the theme, Who We Are. We watched a Peppa Pig video which talks about the members of the family and their individual roles. Then, we had a short class discussion about students’ role, mommy’s role, and daddy’s role at home. Students gave their answers and the teacher wrote down on the board. Then, we pointed the similarities and differences of the family roles based on students’ answers and the Peppa Pig’s family role to bring about the central idea.

We have kicked off reading the CVC words with -ag word family like bag, tag, and rag. It was a good start for Shooting Star class understanding the concept of reading the CVC words by sounding the letters. We did a group activity wherein each member engaged with their peers. The teacher sounded the letters and each group form CVC words. How knowledgeable!

We had our Gym lesson! Everyone actively engaged in all the activities from physical exercise, to running, down to playing balls. Well done, risk-takers!

Outside play time! Everyone loves playing both in the school yard and in the park. In the school yard, we enjoy playing in the sandpit, going up and down the play castle, playing Mr. Wolf, What time is it?, running around and looking for insects on the ground. In the park, we have a bigger space to play around, find more insects, play with other kids and we have the chance to watch the trains go by. Let’s go inquirers!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone.