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Diorama: Adding the Figures (Canyon March 16-19)

Using glue and tape, glue/tape in the figures you had prepared to decorate your dioramas.
Canyon students enjoyed positioning the animals and other pieces in their boxes. They hung and used paper tabs for their animals to stand. For farm diorama, we used pegs as the animals’ legs and glued them in the box to stand. For Polar diorama, we added cotton to the entire box as ice.


They practiced writing their names and reading words such peg, leg🦵, bed🛏, ted🧸, and web🕸.

自分たちの名前を書く練習をしたり、 peg、 leg🦵、 bed🛏、 ted🧸、web🕸などのCVC単語を読む練習をしました。
Finally we were able to go the park again. They missed running around the place and climbing to the playground structures. 今週から公園に行く事が出来てみんな大喜び!月曜日は雪と風のため、泣く泣く断念。火曜日に公園に行く事が出来ました。広い公園で走ったり、遊具に上ったり、広場に出来ていたひも柱を集めて、チョコレート屋さんを開いているお友達もいました!

That’s it. Enjoy the long weekend!