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Fallen Leaves Art! (Canyon)

Sweeping fallen leaves and just throwing them into dumpsters like they’re trash?

That’s a big NO for Canyon! We can turn those fallen leaves into an art! Our class went to the park last Monday and saw some autumn leaves. We gathered some of them to use as our craft material for the next day. After that they had a chance to play in the playground!



Canyon students had fun in making Leaf Animals using the leaves that they gathered. Using their imagination and creativity they were able to make animals like elephant, mouse, owl, butterfly, bird, and rabbit!


We have been practicing new English phrases for November. We listened to the music, sang the song together, and had a role play! The phrases are: Can you swim? Can you skate? Yes, I can. and No, I can’t.


For our IB lesson, we talked about some body gestures and their meaning. We learned that you can show/determine someone’s feelings/intentions without using words through reading their gestures.


This week we focused on the lowercase letters a to f. During our discussion, using magnetic letters, the class was tasked to find the lowercase letters of the letter to be told by the teacher and post them on the board. They also love the lowercase letter puzzles in class!


Have a great weekend!