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LET’S DANCE! Canyon Mar 6th-10th

Hi everyone!
Time flies so fast! We are almost at the end of the school year… That’s why we always cherish every moment we spend together at school and make the most out it. Dancing is one of our favorite bonding activities! Our youngsters often request to play our new dance exercise song! They’re enjoying dancing a lot!


We also love to sing the song “Tomorrow”— our new monthly song. This song has a message of hope, but one that comes through wisdom, and wisdom is often won through challenge. Such a lovely song!


This week, we conducted an Earthquake drill. To begin, we explain to our little ones what an “earthquake” is and what are the safety precautions to follow when it occurs. Our young ones were very familiar now with the rules they need to follow when there’s an earthquake such as follows:
-do not push your friends
-do not run
-do not talk
-do not come back


It was a perfect weather to have fun and enjoy the view around the park! Our youngsters had a great time playing, walking and running around, racing, and chasing one another.


Have an awesome weekend everyone!

土曜日のCheerful Shimauchiに参加いただきました皆さま、たくさんのご協力ありがとうございました!親子で楽しみ、様々な交流の場として楽しんで頂けましたら幸いです😊今回参加できなかった方も、次回の開催が決定しましたら是非ご参加くださいね❤️素敵な良い週末を✨!!