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We are on the Right Track−Canyon(July 31−August 4)

Hello everyone,

Hurray! Welcome to the new month and we still have a lot to enjoy this summer. This week, our youngsters had so much fun in the outside pool. They were eager to get in the water especially in this very hot weather. Playing in the water make them get closer to each other, play together nicely by sharing toys and race in the water. Some friends were encouraged to swim when they saw their friends having fun. They enjoyed shooting the ball in the ring, swimming through the ring and swimming forward and backward. Some friends who weren’t able to get in the water played in the sandpit.


Spy the Alphabet Mm and Nn

This week we learned the alphabets Mm and Nn and their phonics. Our little detectives searched for the letters they can see around the classroom. They were excited roaming around and wanted to do it more. Well done Canyon!


Happy birthday!

All classes gathered in the music room to celebrate the birthday of July celebrants. The fun begin by dancing the Sports Festival dance exercise and singing the birthday song to them.

Ms. Ayako caught everyone’s attention by reading a book to us. The celebrants had a big smile receiving their birthday cards from their teachers. Happy birthday to our dear princess H, let’s enjoy school, learning ang playing together!


What are you doing?

We are learning the phrase ”What are you doing?“ We asked the students to find a partner and pick up a card of the actions they are doing and make a dialog with their partner. They asked their friend “What are you doing?” And their partner replied ”I’m dancing, I’m brushing, I’m eating” They memorized the phrase and enjoy using it when having a conversation with their friends and teachers😊

“What are you doing? “というフレーズを歌と一緒に使って覚えています。友達とペアになり、一人の子がカードを一枚選んでそのアクションをします。相手の子は、 “What are you doing? “と尋ねると、パートナーは「踊っている」「歯を磨いている」「食べている」などアクションを答えます。日常でも良く使うフレーズです。ぜひ、お家でも一緒に使って会話してみてください。

We are on the right track!

Our youngsters are on the right track practicing for the Sports Festival and doing the race. Everyone has a strong faith to be the number one. They are getting better and better in their practice and understand the rule well.

We have inserted below the video of the Sports Festival exercise. Please enjoy dancing with the kids.


Have a fantastic weekend.