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Canyon’s bus trip (September 25th-29th)

Hello everyone,

This is the last week to learn Unit 2 and we ended up doing the summative assessment and reflection of the lesson. We discussed the students’ worksheets which they did together with their parents. We were able to gain a lot of ideas about their answers on how to help take care of the animals and avoid using plastics to help save the animals. From their worksheets, they said that to help save the animals, don’t litter, put the trash into the proper garbage containers, don’t throw the trash into the river, and cooperate to maintain clean water for the fish, and other animals living in the water. When going to festivals, bring home the trash you have, and throw them at home. They also shared their ideas on how to minimize using the plastics. In some cases, when going shopping, refuse to use plastic bags instead, use some eco-bags, bring water bottles instead of plastic bottles, don’t use straws when drinking, and use non-plastic container drinks and confectioneries. Dear parents, thank you so much for your cooperation.



The sky was clear and the breeze was cool. We enjoyed the day playing in the park. It was hot though, so the children sweated a lot running and chasing each other. The play equipment was high and was quite challenging to some students but they were courageous enough to challenge themselves to play. They had a blast playing together with the older students.



The weather was with us and we were able to enjoy our bus trip. The children were so excited to go and most of all, they were excited to have their parents make lunch boxes. The park was huge and we walked to the play area and found the place to eat our lunch. We were able to feel the cool breeze and saw a lot of dragonflies and jumping frogs along the way. They spent valuable time playing with their friends climbing up and sliding down the play structures, running, and catching the bubbles. They can’t wait to eat their lunch after playing. They had smiles on their faces while opening their lunchbox and said “I have to eat them all because my mom made them for me!” To all the families we appreciate you for preparing the children’s needs for the excursion.



We celebrated the birthdays of September-born students. All classes gathered together in the music room. The fun began with Ms. Mayu’s magic show. We were all entertained by her amazing tricks. The birthday celebrants had a blast receiving their birthday cards and a warm birthday song from everyone. Happy happy birthday 😊


Thank you for this week. Have a rest on the weekend and see you on Monday.