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Canyon’s Original Transportations

Canyon children love games. After checking the words with the children, we formed a circle and played a game in each received a card, said the word, and passed it to the next person. When they did not know how to say a word in English, they asked their friends around them “What’s this? And the children who knew the words were able to say them loudly and confidently, and many words were learned and friendships were built.

ゲームが大好きなCanyonの子ども達。アルファベットとその単語のイラストが載っているカードを子ども達と単語確認した後に、輪になり、カードを受け取ったらその単語を言って次の人に渡すゲームをしました。英語で何て言うのかわからないと「What’s this?」と周りの友達に聞いたり、わかる子は自信を持って大きな声で言えたりとたくさんの単語を習得し友達関係が築き上げられた活動になりました。

In tracing, we wrote the letter “I”. Some of the children whose names had “I” in them showed us that they could write without tracing.


While playing outside, we saw big trucks go by, spotted airplanes, and sometimes even trains. They were familiar with various vehicles and incorporated them into their play. For crafts, they made cars out of plastic bottle caps that looked like tires and put baby dolls on them. For outside play, we stacked up tires to make them look like cars and drove them together with a boom. It is fascinating to watch the flexible thinking and playful development of children who can turn anything into play. If you have any unwanted scrap wood from home, please bring it to school. We would like to stary displaying the children’s artwork in their rooms.


This week I was able to relate to many different teachers, and their teaching methods and the use of English. I feel like I can’t do it alone, but I can do it with my friends! The Canyon children enjoy interacting with different children as they play.

We are looking forward to seeing what fun things await them next week.

Have a great weekend!