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Where do you want to go with your transportation?- Canyon(Feb. 12th-16th)

Hello everyone,

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, kids expressed their affection by making a present that will make their family happy. We made a hanging letter holder. First, they decorated the heart with pink and red paper to look lovelier. They chose their favorite colors of paper for the letter holder and then threaded both sides with yarn. Our little ones also enjoyed threading and a good practice for developing their fine motor skills. We stuck their photos in front, they drew with crayons on the available spaces around them. They are excited to hand them to their family while saying… I Love You!

ハッピーバレンタインデー!!大好きな家族にプレゼントを作りました。大きなハートを可愛く飾りつけたり、毛糸の糸通しをしたりし、一所懸命指先を使いながら出来上がったプレゼントは、レター・ホルダーです。渡すときは、「”I Love You.”と言って渡そうね。」と伝えましたが、言えたでしょうか?ぜひ、ご自宅に飾って使ってください。

We asked each family in our class to help us make the transportation craft with the kids. They brought them to school this week and each of them presented them in front of their friends. They made a name for their transport and we practiced the phrase ” I want to go to…. Some friends say ” I want to go to Disneyland, I want to go to Guam, I want to go to the mountain!” They are excited to present them in front of their families. Dear parents, thank you for cooperating with us in making the children’s project.

昔と今の乗り物を調べるうちに、乗り物の変化にも気が付いてきました。こんな乗り物があったらいいな。かっこいいな。便利だな。そんな事をお家の方と一緒に考えてもらいながら、自分たちのオリジナルの乗り物を制作していただきました。お友達の作品にも興味津々ですが、自分たちの力作を嬉しそうに発表をしてくれた子ども達。”I want to go to… “というフレーズと共に、オリジナルの乗り物に乗ってどこに行きたいのかなど、質問に答えてくれました。次は、お家の人に発表をしようという事で、参観日にプレゼンテーションをしようと思います。楽しみにしていてください。

We learned the letter M and its phonics. We showed the flashcards of the words that start with the letter M such as monkey, moon, magnet, mountain, and more, Kids followed the teacher tracing the letter M in the air and then tracing it in the worksheet provided. They listened to the instruction well so they were able to do their worksheet smoothly.


Thank you for this week and we are looking forward to having you over on our school open day on Monday. Have a wonderful weekend.