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Happy New Year! RF 1/14

Welcome back everyone! The children are gradually easing back into their routines and are excited to see their friends. They have been spending time every morning practicing the graduation performance. It was difficult but they all gave their best, we are sure they will present an excellent performance on that day.


We have started our new unit in the UOI lessons. As you probably already learned, the children will begin to discover what are natural resources, and how the world shares these resources. They will further learn that some of these resources are renewable whereas some are not. The children will brainstorm on how we can salvage and reserve these non-renewable resources and find ways to conserve the renewable ones.  This week, they went on a nature walk and collected the nature items. They questioned, “What are natural resources?” as they closely observed the things they have collected. We had a discussion about natural resources that exist in our environment and that we use them in our everyday lives. In the months to come they will learn more about it and come up with ways to be super heroes who can help save our planet. 



As the days get colder and severe weather conditions continue, it is a bit more challenging to stay active. But thanks to the regular tennis lesson, the children were able to get their wiggles out and got a chance to continue to sharpen their skills.